Monday, February 7, 2011

preschool pick up.

I can get from my house (which is on the very west end of town) to the other side of town in 2 minutes flat.
If I made all the lights probably 45 seconds.

Every Wednesday + Friday I leave the house at 3:42 pm to pick up Brody when the bus drops off at 3:45.

I rush out our front door that looks like this.

I drive down Main street Aspen.
About .2 miles.
Always behind a bus dropping off skiers it seems.

To around the corner at Koch Park.
(Pronounced "COKE")

And just like clockwork...
The bus drives down from the mountains to meet the eagerly waiting parents (who can be found huddled together shivering).

Then I wait my turn to pick up my little star student to see what he has learned today + because it's Brody + he's hilarious...

Look mom...
I can suck my nostrils together + hold it. {For like 5 whole seconds}

And then we laugh all the way home.


[BrookeO] said...

Fun.nest place e.v.e.r!!!!!!

And Brody boy - cutest kid, love him!!!

Rachel said...

I {heart} Aspen!
Oh and Brody! lmfbo! Funniest Kid!