Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

After we celebrated Easter (Easton's nickname) turning TWO -
It was time to celebrate Easter Sunday! (One of my favorites!)

Easter morning the kids each got a little chocolate from the bunny.

Easton wasn't sure exactly what it was, but when it was unwrapped boy oh boy the phrase 'death grip' comes to mind!

If you saw my selection of stores here in Aspen you'd understand why we'd be lacking baskets + went for more of the pile approach :) It worked! No one even asked where the baskets were. And I didn't even have to pick up that Easter grass for days!

Today the kids had the day off from school. The boys spent hours putting together lego cities while I did some cleaning + Taylor worked on her 'state' report gathering information. I remember that assignment when I was in Elementary school. Pick a state, draw the major geographical features, research state symbols, history, etc. For fun Taylor picked our future home state to do her report: Washington.

Speaking of home in Washington, we just bought a one last week + here it is:

It's just a mile from the kids school + backs up to a state park with 30 miles of hiking trails. The river with boat access is across the street along with a white tailed deer reserve + fish hatchery. It should be a good little place for our family's next adventure in the northwest! We move in
3 months, can't wait.

This evening we helped Bryan pack 40 pounds of medical supplies + surgical instruments. At 6am tomorrow morning a coordinator from his office and an Aspen ambassador will accompany him to Patagonia/Bariloche, Argentina where he will offer supplies, teach/work with other local orthopedic surgeons + help where he can for 10 days.

(reusable injection needles you can boil between shots to sterilize)

We're sure going to miss him while he's gone!


Dani said...

Beautiful home! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of what the inside looks like... or better yet, in person! And what an amazing experience it sounds like Brian will have. How fun. PS... we don't do Easter grass in our baskets. It is one of the few things in life that I seriously hate. :)

Kristin said...

3 months can't come fast enough, see you soon.

Mitchell Family said...

I agree, the home is beautiful. How does one go about buying a house? Grant and I are so clueless. We will probably rent the rest of our lives. Hope you are enjoying your last months in Aspen.

Jaime said...

Thanks guys! Yes, Dani, can't wait for you guys to come over! And only 5 1/2 hours to Boise - we'll be over for dinner k?! Kristin - truest thing EVER! And Heather - your time is coming! We can walk you thru it, we have two. Would love to only have one, but the market and that is life! Almost done yourself, I can't wait to have a place to come and warm up during those winter months :)

Haley said...

How awesome for Bryan. Wish we could get together while he was away. :( I, of course, love the house. This was the first year we didn't have Easter grass too. I don't think I will EVER do it again. It was heaven. Miss you!

Lacey said...

Such a beautiful home! You must be so ready to move on now....especially now that the skiing is about done. I love the home styles up in the NW!
Gotta love that Easter grass!! I was excited to get the edible grass because you could vacuum it up...but that was horrible too!! It stuck to everything!! Now I don't use any at all...its much better too.
What a great experience for Brian too!
Congratulations on the home!

Maegan said...

Love the new home! Sounds like such a fun location... so jealous! I am just not a desert girl :) Your husbands trip sounds exciting!

[BrookeO] said...

Ok, and just like that with no warning you are back to blogging.....if I didn't love you so much we'd be fighting.

Missed you on here, welcome back:))))

Ericka and Wes said...

I Can't wait for the day to buy a house! It looks beautiful! ANd cool area. Hope you got the headband thing figured out...sorry it took so long! FUn to see updates with your family and that all is going so well!

Emily Reese said...

Love your new home! Congratulations for being finished school, residency and fellowship. Whoohoo! Emily

Stephanie said...

Is Bryan home yet? I can't wait for you guys to move closer. Em was here over the weekend and we talked about how great it is to be so close! I love your pictures!

Jen said...

Congrats on the home!! It looks beautiful, and a 3 car for cars and plenty of storage!