Monday, May 23, 2011

MOAB :: Arches National Park ::

Moab was a perfect getaway for our little family this weekend. I think one of my most favorite ways to spend time together is enjoying nature. It has this renewing effect on the soul + helps me to step back + appreciate the small things. I love it!

As it was snowing in Aspen we couldn't pack our bags fast enough + sped off for 80 degree sunshine! {it's what we ALL needed}

The desert is especially beautiful in the springtime. It reminds me of home. And why I've spent my entire growing up years in Utah + have never been here amazes me! I guess with Zion's in your backyard it's hard to justify, but it was definitely worth it.

{we live just beyond on top the snowy mountains}

Bryan had the great idea to have the kids draw the arches as we hiked to them.
It was nice to stop + take a moment to sit quietly, hear the sounds around us + discover what was living nearby.
Like lots of these:

For a treat after our big hike we stopped in at one of the cutest little picnic areas I've ever seen to eat watermelon + roast marshmallows for s'mores.

It was the perfect treat after hiking up to 'Delicate Arch'. It was a beautiful hike filled with petroglyphs, flowering cactus plants + small puddles to splash in. The weather was absolutely perfect - not too hot for hiking.

The next morning we were one of the first families in to enjoy 'Sand Dune Arch' it was a tiny hike up to an arch that below was a giant sand dune. The kids LOVED it.

With just over 2 months left here in Colorado we're definitely glad we made the quick trip over to enjoy this simple, yet absolutely majestic + beautiful land.
{Balanced Rock + blue skies}


Stephanie said...

Oh Jaime! So great for the soul AND a little Vitamin D. :) That looked like the perfect vacation. I'm a little jealous. I love your pictures and I think it's great that you guys stopped to draw the arches!

Lacey said...

What a fun trip! We've been talking a lot about going there ourselves. It's so beautiful there. It's kind of funny that I've never been to that area either....and yet we weren't that far away growing up!

Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures! Can't wait till ya get here. Just signed the kids up for a kids tri, and thought oh when Jaime get's here I know her kids are going to love this.

[BrookeO] said...

Why you don't blog every day I will never know...I could look at your pictures all day long. Seriously hope you are framing those, so gorgeous - so don't need a new camera either! What a fun place to live for a year, crazy that time is near up already.

I'm surprised mom and dad never took us there. Seems right up there alley actually. Hmm, have to ask dad.

I'll be waiting for tomorrow's post!!

PS Kristin is right, your kids will love doing a tri....:)

Kristal said...

Wow, time is almost up in CO? That went by fast. Your new home is so pretty. Can't wait to see pics of the inside.

alisa said...

Love love love! ahhh, this makes me homesick! Wish i was right there with ya! i will call soon to wish the kids happy birthdays and say hello for a bit. if you get a really long random number, ANSWER IT! it's me :) love you!