Tuesday, May 31, 2011

preschool graduate.

Shine the spotlight, cue the music...
It's all about Brody tonight!

Brody had three teachers this year, but his absolute FAVORITE has got to be TINA!
WE love Tina!

The graduation started off with some dancing, hoola hooping + shaking to the beat. Who can resist 4+5 year olds smiling to their parents proud to show off their moves?!
Then comes the climb up the side of the school.
This is the moment all the kids are waiting all year for...

Singing "Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink" on TOP of their teletubby-like school. His school is about 15 minutes from our house, it is way up the mountain all by itself (next to Kevin Costner's house) at the edge of the river. Love the heart/leaf garland :)
Connor enjoyed a cookie + watched with me below.

Bryan chased Easton + Taylor found her BFF Sarah and watched from hmmmm... ? Where did those girls go? I found them on the seesaw later. (yes, Taylor is this much shorter than all her friends)
Brody was so excited to show me where he played every Wednesday + Friday from 9-3:30. He sure loves his little school! So proud of you Brody! You're going to be one awesome little Kindergartener!


[BrookeO] said...

Oh Brody, he's my favorite hands down!
Love that school, and that garland is so cute.

Aspen seriously what a fun place to live for a year.


Ericka and Wes said...

Your kids are darling! every time I see your blog they look older and more beautiful! Hope you found help for the house out here, sorry I could not help. I am going to make your krispie treat recipe they look to die for!!