Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 coasts. 2 beaches. 2 trips: in one week.

Not every day {or ever} that I get to fly straight out of the tiny Aspen airport. I LOVE tiny airports with their tiny lines + very little craziness. I also loved that I had magazines + a book in my hand for the flight....trying to remember the last time flying was this easy! No kids - just Bryan + I heading to Naples, FL. It's amazing how defined the Rocky Mountains are from up in the air, you can see straight down the range forever - beautiful.
We got in really late, but woke up to palm trees, warm blue skies + HUMIDITY. Wow, humidity! I lived in the east for 9 years, but this is CRAZY. Showering 3x a day pretty much sums it up!
We spent our first evening watching the pinky/blue sunset, taking our time eating at the Turtle Cave restaurant. Naples has some pretty views + most WHITE sand beaches I've ever seen. You'll never see more retirees in one place + I can see why!
We had so much fun just the two of us! Even though Bryan spent all day in course classes it was still worth if for me to come along. I slept in, went shopping, did some spin + yoga, ate the best frozen yogurt, walked around Whole Foods, looked at appliances for our new house + laid out by the pool. It was definitely the exact little refresher I needed...then we would meet for dinner + try local, interesting places. One night we had some of the best Italian I've ever tried, we were licking our plates clean for sure!

While we were away my parents took the kids for us + headed down to southern California. That is my parents, always up for an adventure! They went to Legoland (the boy's version of heaven!)+ the beach. I flew in on their last full day. Such a difference in coasts - Florida I was melting, Cali I wore my little sweater. I could not wait to see my kids + hear all about how much fun they'd been having with grandma + grandpa.
My boys could collect sand crabs ALL day + Taylor spent most of the time boogie boarding.

After the day at the beach, we cleaned up + headed down the pier where we ate burgers + french fries at the cute little diner, I so wanted a milk shake but just couldn't fit it in. On the walk down we watched as the local fisherman caught fish + even a stingray. I thought Taylor was going to lose it when we watched a small stingray lying there taking it's last small breaths. It was quite sad. The guy told us he likes to BBQ it's wings. Yuck.

The next morning we headed home, but not before a quick Anthropologie-therapy with my cute SIL Rachel. I love California shopping! Then we headed home...sunburned + exhausted.

The next day we decided on a BBQ with Tony Roma ribs + baked potatoes. We also had to celebrate the May birthdays which are Taylor, Connor + my so-cute-nephew, Andrew, who turned 5. We picked up this red velvet cake from Costco (which I highly suggest!) and had a great time making + eating food in the backyard. This is my most favorite way to spend time with my big family + my little family. Something about touching + preparing the food + all the the talking + laughing + running around just brings everyone together. I hope heaven has BBQs! :)
The next morning + just hours before heading back home some cute friends of mine I've known since elementary got together for a little visit at the spray park with the kids. I hadn't seen most of them for 5+ years! Amy on the left lives in Japan with her husband + 2 kids, Jana lives in St. George with her little family (+ hope to see more of her!) + Audrie lives in St. George, recently married + has the cutest little 2nd grader boy. It was sure fun to catch up, even if every 5 years we only get 2 hours, I'll take it! So glad it worked out. Missed you Holly! I'm coming over for a swim next time :)
And my LAST 8 hour drive before the move that I don't really love from St. George to Aspen. May miss the beautiful drive, but certainly not the distance!


Lacey said...

What a fun vacay for you!! A little bit of relaxing and enjoying your hubbie and a little fun with the kids and a short time in St. George! Don't think you can do much better than that!
So fun to see all the high school all look amazing!
Good luck with your move! Not fun but oh so exciting!

[BrookeO] said...

Have you not learned from before??? You must alert me to new posts!!!!!!!!! I love this J. So cute and looks like so much fun. I am so happy you were able to go to Florida and enjoy it.

Love all the pics and miss you even more, can't wait for a big family BBQ.

Love you