Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Update

We have been so busy!
Busier than I ever remember being in my entire life really.
These last few months have just flown by. The kids and I keep saying to each other, "it's already the end of the week?!" CONSTANTLY!
Soccer sure has been a big part of our fall!
3x a week - 2 practices and a game keeps us over on the fields - watching Connor make goals almost every game. So happy Grandpa + Grandma {and Clyde} have been close by to join us for a few!
We love living just down the road from them.
My BRODY turned SIX!
Oh this is one sweet, funny, wonderful kid. Can't imagine life without him! He just bring pure FUN to our family + keeps us all laughing. Love you Brody-boy!
He had a party this year, I let him invite SIX boys. It was a LEGO theme party.

Hours earlier I brought other cupcakes to school. I LOVE his teacher - she is so perfect for Brody. I love that she took him up on her lap in front of the class + asked him what he'd like to learn this year that he is six...his reply??? SCUBA DIVING. HUH? :) Ok!

Loving the fall weather + all the choices of farms up on the bluff to pick pumpkins we headed up one evening to make our picks...

One night for FHE, Bryan taught us all how to repair a meniscus...
Taylor joined the Cross Country team at school, they had a combined 5th and 6th grade team. It was her first year being a runner and she certainly improved over the weeks of running - 3 days every week after school. I love that these two are such great friends!
The race at the end of the season was her personal best! All races are 1 mile. She did a 7:30! I was SO proud of her.
Speaking of running...I snuck in a race myself! I had been running nearly every morning at 5:30 since moving here. One weekend a bunch of girls from my new ward ran a half marathon about 3 hours away in Leavenworth, WA. Cute little Bavarian town west of here. We had a great time, ran my best race {1:48 - felt great!}

Living in the apple state we've gotten loads of apples! Easton is a professional peeler + we make yummy applesauce.
Our traditional Halloween donut eating contest pumpkin carve went off without a hitch. This might be one of the kids' favorite times of the year - mine too!
Trick or treating was great. Taylor + Connor went with friends. Brody went with Bry + Easton and I after hitting a couple of houses (Easton still fighting a cough + cold) was happy as could be handing out the candy.

This past weekend we finally took a little family overnighter out of town. Our first since moving to Spokane. I love Seattle! What a great town...I loved this little pic Taylor took and then cropped on her phone of the needle.
We stayed the night downtown in the cutest little room overlooking downtown + conveniently were the first ones in line ready for the aquarium the next morning...
Octopus life like! At least Bryan thought so! Love ya honey :)
They loved the otters, jellyfish + star fish. It was fun little outing, I'm sure we'll be back to see more of Seattle soon!


[BrookeO] said...

Love, love, Love, love, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE. Are you feeling all the love? Post more okay? Love it all! Miss you!

Haley said...

You are busy!! Way to go on your race. You are really fast!! Taylor is taking after you. :) Miss ya!!