Monday, June 30, 2008

Brothers and Sisters.


I seem to be thinking a lot lately about how much I love my brothers and sisters. Probably because we're all going in different directions and having lots of major changes and developments in our lives right now. I love them all so much and am grateful to have them all in my life. Each one is unique and great in their own way.
Here's some factoids about my sib's:
1) There is 17 years between me (the oldest) and my sister McKenna (the youngest)
2) There are 2 J's (Jaime & Josh), 2 B's (Brooke & Bryan) & 2 M's (Mi'kel & McKenna)
3) There are 8 years between the older 3 and the younger 3 (all the same parents)
4) The older three babysat the younger three and now our revenge is the younger three now babysit for the older three!
5) My brother Bryan is kind, fun to be around, the coolest guy I know.
6) My sister Brooke is one of my best friends, thoughtful, great at EVERYTHING!
7) My brother Josh is an expert painter, sculptor, anything with art, outgoing, funny, smart.
8) My sister Mi'kel is awesome at sports, honest, happy, always willing to help, fun.
9) My sister McKenna is sweet, sassy, funny, caring.
10) We all love to hang together when we can and our favorite things to do are: eat at all our favorites in St. George, play games/sports, chase the grandkids, fish, boat, travel & swim.
LOVE you guys! You mean the world to me and I'm so glad to be your bossy old(er) sister!


[BrookeO] said...

Ok J. LOVE THAT! Wish you were all here right now! 1 week was so not long enough together. That picture-taking sess was SO MUCH FUN!
-I think I may copy and paste this post on mine, do you mind?

PS I AM SO 28, not 27...i wish!!!

Kristal said...

What a great looking family! Mi'Kel has changed soo much! Such a young woman! That Cathy and Steve Wilson sure make good looking kids.

Jaime said...

Sorry, I put 28 at first and then that didn't sound right that I was 29...I was doing you a favor....shhhh! :)

Vanes said...

We are still wanting to come for the pageant and would LOVE to see you and shoot some photos! We are thinking of Tuesday, July 15th! Would that work for you?! We may go to Niagara Falls on Monday - see Palmyra on Tuesday - pageant on Tuesday night! Maybe Wednesday?!

Anna said...

Great picture!

Vanes said...

You are SO sweet to offer to have us stay! There are will be a lot of us! 4 adults and 5 kids! AnnDee and her mom are coming also! I'd hate to impose on you to sleep there, but I FOR SURE want some pictures! Would you have time to take some of my sister-in-laws kids too? We'll just even up with you when we come! We both just DIE over your talent with the camera - you have an eye for it! I LOVE your pictures - they are so natural and soft! What do you think about wearing white? I was thinking of buying some white dresses for my girls - is that a bad idea? Call if you get a sec and we'll chat! 435-467-8201! We'll be around all day tomorrow! Can't wait to see you again!

Nelson News said...

I loved this one!! I didn't know the younger 2 girls really well, it was nice to read a little about them. The pictures are great, you have such an awesome family!

Bagiera said...

B E A UTFUL!!!! you...your family...your pictures....

Maegan said...

You are a cute family, Wow I can't believe your youngest sister is 12! I remember her as a baby.

suzy said...

I LOVE the picture of the kids jumping off the dock--it's great over exposed! Did you ever get my email answering your question? I sent it and it came back then I sent it hopefully you did. :)

mckenna said...

Ok you made mom cry:p we loved it

Jennie Minor said...

Brothers and sisters are the best! I love the pic of you all. So fun!