Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Let me introduce you....

to my niece ELIN {pronounced: E - LIN}
(this is my sister Brooke's youngest)
Isn't she SOOO cute?!

I had to share something I think is pretty amazing... a little over a week ago this baby girl underwent major surgery to correct the growth plates in her skull. She was born without the usual soft spots babies have on top of their heads and therefore needed to have this done in order for her head to form correctly.

They split her head ear to ear and made several incisions to cut bone out of her skull and therefore made her skull more round on top. The zig-zag is to allow her future hair to grow in normally. I am just so glad that modern medicine can do so many wonderous and amazing things! She is so doing well and you won't believe the before and after.
TA she is now!

WOW! What a difference huh? I still CANNOT believe it's really her! Despite the cutest smiling face you see here she's been through quite a lot. She had 111 stitches and twice as much underneath. She spent 3 days following in the ICU. She had to have a blood transfusion and two skilled surgeons working on her to make this all work. Children are amazing! How fast they respond and recover is astounding to me.

And she just celebrated her FIRST birthday sporting her new look 3 days a go!
Happy Birthday ELIN! 
We love you sweet girl!


Lacey said...

I just want to cry every time I see her little sad!! I can't even imagine what Brooke is going through. So glad everything has been going so well. She's lucky to have a sister like you to support her.

[BrookeO] said...

T H A N K Y O U!!!!!!

You know I just love ya. No matter how many times I see her (and pictures) I am amazed. Truly.

April said...

seriously... science is awesome

jeny said...

our neighbor boy had that same thing...he is 10 yrs old now.

best wishes, Elin!