Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Funny kids.

~2 minute photo shoot~
{sometimes the light is just right and I make my kids come outside and smile. mean mom. i know.}

I had to share this quick story that happened today. I thought it was funny. Sometimes when you're trying to teach your kids to sort out a disagreement or help them to see the right choice and this is what it sounds like....
Me: Connor, you had a friend over and the basement is a mess, you need to go downstairs and clean it up please!
Connor: Oh mom! (I'm always ready for the oh mom! it never fails to lead the sentence on this topic of cleaning) Do I have to clean it ALL BY MYSELF?!
Me: Taylor would you like to help him clean it?
Taylor: ME!!??!! Why would I do that?
Me: Out of the kindness of your heart.
Taylor: (in a mad tone of voice) Oh geesh mom, now you're getting all romantic! (then stomps off in a 'fine if I have to' kind of way)
Me: ?


[BrookeO] said...

I am laughing SO hard right now, only b/c I can totally picture every second of it. Your kids are the cutest and that Tay, well really she is my favorite.

I love the pictures. Perfect.

April said...

romantic???? Oh heavens, that is hilarious! Cute cute pics - I love the messy pony tails!

Anna said...

That was too funny. For heavens sakes, could you stop being so romantic for the kids' sakes? : )

Jennie Minor said...

That is hilarious! Kids say the funniest things! Love the pics.