Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things I love about these kiddos...

Never complains.
Is always helpful.
Selfless + kind.
Is smart.
Loves soccer.
Is extremely social.
Is a good big brother.
Loves to learn about the gospel.

Completely exhausts me.
Knows where my buttons are.
Isn't afraid to push them.
Is very outgoing.
Loves to laugh.

{He's actually been a sweetheart these past few days - Can't you see the hearts in his eyes?!!}

Shocking, I know.

I can't get over how much he looks like Bryan these days.

My blonde haired-blue eyed boy.

This little guy.
Not sure what he will bring.

So far he's a fabulous sleeper + has a knack for melting my heart.
Mmmm...chubby cheeks + eyelashes. My favorite.
{10 weeks. 3 days.}


Anna said...

...and cute - all of them.

Lacey said...

Seriously could your kids get any more beautiful!! I guess you can't expect any different parent's like you guys!

mckenna said...

wow hey so are brodys eyes really like that!! ha ha tay tay is so cute and i can't believe she graduatded the third grade! so old and i want to so con play soccer. i want to see easton SOO bad can't wait to see you guys!

The Dorny Family said...

You have gorgeous kids and know how to photograph them, too. It's fun check your blog periodically to see how you all are doing.

Rachel said...

You forgot to add on the list that they are the best looking kids around! REALLY!
Oh little Easton is growing too fast. I CANNOT Wait to see him (and eeveryone else) in ONE week!

Threlfall Mysteries said...

Jaime, your blog is so...... refreshing. It just makes me want to be better. Your pictures are amazing, and I'm really wishing I could have you take our family pics this summer. I can only think of you, when it comes to photography. You guys don't want to come to Indiana do you for a summer adventure? :) Your family is just beautiful.

[BrookeO] said...

Cute. Cute. Cute. AND Cute!

Sunday cannot come quickly enough.


The Larson's said...

Such beautiful kids! They are all so darling! I hope that you are doing well! You look great in your pictures!

maren said...

love the tribute to your kids! what gorgeous kids!

Bagiera said...

Oh my, your kids are soooo dang beautiful!! Did you make that e for easton's shirt?? I need you to come help me make some cute stuff for my kids! I love it, and I loved your micky mouse ones!! So talented! :)

Plain Jame said...

I love this post and the photos of each of your kids. I used to love taking pictures of my kids and now I'm lucky if I even know where my canon case is. I am afraid my 3 year old will break my L lens!