Thursday, October 15, 2009

Every year we go to...

To feast our eyes on halloween goodness...
This year we got to share it in good company... {the Haymore family}
Bryan's best friend since middle school - Jon. He's an Opthamolgy resident in Syracuse.
Leave it to Taylor to find the beauty in the "warty" pumpkin!
{ yup, we're still fighting those warts! Every month we've got a set appt to the derm office}
They won't go away until I spend at least $1000 to kill them off - wait! they should be gone soon!
We still LOVE her. Warts and all...

It was BRODY'S BiRThdAy!! He couldn't stop laughing and running everywhere.
First he fed the miniture donkeys.
One tiny pressed feeding pellet at a time.
It was like feeding a gorilla a tic tac.
Made the fun last longer I guess.
Because he had just enough left over for a cute fluffy sheep.
As we waited for the spooky hayride pulled by a giant red tractor we indulged ourselves in a variety of homemade yummy doughnuts.
The hayride is AWESOME! They add to it every year, it just keeps getting better and better! Sad to know this is our last Power's haunted hayride.
Can't believe he's FOUR!
That went by too fast.
At least he still seems small next to this tire.


Lacey said...

What a fun pumpkin patch! Sounds like you are really trying to enjoy every last moment in that beautiful area!

Lindsay said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog and now I must reveal my lurking self because a) I love pumpkin patches and b)I have the best cure for cider vinegar!! I swear it works in only a few days. Let me know if you try it out! There's tons of tutorials online too that you can check out.

Lindsay said... is my post about my experience with it

Mitchell Family said...

Happy Birthday Brody! I can't believe he's four either. Just as cute as ever before. Can't wait to see you guys over Thanksgiving.

Lindsey said...

I'm so going to try those muffins the must have recipe ones... MMM.
Your family is so flipping picturesque cute!

Haley said...

Jaime!! How are you? Is the sickness gone? This makes me want to go to Powers all the more. I can't believe we haven't been there yet.

Rachel said...

Oh that place looks fun! Looks like Brody had an awesome bday too! Wow! 4 years! Tay is so beautiful! She needs to be a kid model (warts and all) no really! Miss you guys!

Emily said...

I am starting to miss Rochester's Fall. Great pictures as always. Emily

Kristal said...

How fun!