Sunday, October 18, 2009

There's been so many attempts

I'm aware that one is a cinch. I've got millions of em.
Two is easy-peasy.
Three takes some effort, but still no sweat.
But FOUR?! I feel like it's just darn near impossible!
To get all FOUR in a picture together, I don't think I have one good one yet and Easton's SIX months on Wednesday. I guess there's still time before the Christmas picture NEEDS to be taken. It just seems like it never works out. But today I was determined as ever, as soon as we pulled up from church we piled out of the car and I directed everyone over to the front step, ran back to get Easton and UrGH! Asleep! Maybe next time...

I think next time I need a partner to help me with the corralling/setting up of children.
That would be a husband, right?

Oh wait! I almost forgot! I do have one of those. Have you seen him?
I think I've lost him somewhere in the OR.
Unfortunately our home seems to be his home away from home lately.

Double UrGH!


Emmett and Ashlee said...

I hear ya. It is hard to get all four kids smiling and looking and cute in one little picture. I wish you lived closer and we could help each other out.

Jaime said...

That's right Ash! Wouldn't that be so great?!

Rachel said...

Stinking cutest kids Jaim!

Katie said...

You're better then me. I cant get even a halfway decent one of my three. Can't wait to see the Christmas picture once you get a good one. Good Luck!

[BrookeO] said...

miss you. all of you.

Stephanie said...

I just had a friend write on facebook that "taking pictures of the family is like herding cats." So true.