Tuesday, October 13, 2009


(and I don't just mean the picture)

Pioneer Woman picked my picture of Easton!

Smart woman.
Made my day.

{8th picture down)

{love that she captioned "what a healthy, chunky boy!"}
Chunky? Yes!
Healthy? As we speak, no! Poor little guy is feverish + cranky.
{Up every 2 hours the past 2 nights}
Bags under the eyes.
Need I say more?

But like I said.
Made my day!


[BrookeO] said...

K. J, that is SO awesome and so funny because as I was reading over her site yesterday I thought exactly that you should enter this photo........again, love that little E-baby, what a shot!

Sorry he is sick.

Jaime said...

thanks! It was just funny to see my picture on HER site and that she liked it. I never would have done it but I just happened to be on flickr and saw her photo challenge upload thingy.

Maegan said...

He is adorable! You are sweet about the marathon, I might think about your offer! It would be so fun running it with you- haven't seen you forever! Where you moving in Colorado??

Rachel said...

So awesome and the cutest little bubbers! Oh i just love him and those cheeks and those eyes, and that face....

510Jen said...

Can he get any cuter. I have all of my other childrens mates picked out can you save him for miss Cali I think he is just the right size for her. PS how are you looking so good this soon. I am going to have to ask Brooke your secrets. Well they are hers too WTH.