Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Father's Day, we took a train ride...

Small model trains.
Medium sized trains (with buttons).
and some more cute boys.
And BIG trains.
We just had to...
First we rode this (built in 1890) trolley train.
(incase you haven't noticed Brody is in HEAVEN - this is HIS Disneyland)
waiting for the Diesel engine!


and waiting...

waiting some more...
(Brody's face makes me laugh!)

More waiting...
awwww Easton.
Then it came!!!!
Totally worth the wait.

We rode to a small train museum a few miles down the track. We learned about the Rochester train history, a bit about Morse Code + saw giant pictures to learn the parts of the trains.
It was a fun day just being together - trains, planes, wherever.
I sure LOVE my little family, they are the best!

Here are two recipes we tried lately + they were yum!
Definitely going in my go-to recipes.

Peanut Butter Pie (reminds me of eating Reese's PB cups or PB blossoms)
Recipe is HERE.
And these "surprise cookies" - marshmallows inside chocolate cookie + frosting!
The recipe called for cutting a large marshmallow in half, but I used the medium sized star marshmallows out for the summer + they worked perfectly. These disappeared quickly!
Go here.


Lacey said...

Ha!! I love it! Waiting for children is the hardest thing! That truly is a boys dream!

Maegan said...

That is the coolest day! Wish we lived around stuff like that. Your family is beautiful, you are gorgeous and love the shirt! Can't wait to try the yummy treats, I am a sugar freak :)

Maegan said...

Well if you have a free morning and wanna run or something let me know, I'd love to see you!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

Train fun! I bet the kids loved it!

Sarah said...

Train ride looks fun and the treats look yummy, but mostly I want to know where you got your dishes. :) I love the style of that plate..