Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big B, little B ... what begins with B?!

How about:
Black Rock Canyon.
Broken nose.

Brody + I baking his rainbow cake!

A fun surprise gift from Grandma + Grandpa W, Josh, Kel + Kenna!
Balloons, suckers + this cute little guy.
He named the raccoon Brody two.

We traveled 3 hours on Saturday to see the famous Black Rock Canyon.
It's 2500 feet deep which with the recent rescue of the Chilian miners 2000 feet under ground, it sure put it in perspective! I could hardly look over the edge.
Brody found his new favorite number!

The boys climbed trees.

Looking over the edge...
My camera really doesn't do it justice!
The day after Brody's birthday, he fell flat on his face + broke his nose! Yikes. It bled + bled. He balled and balled. Looks much better now.
Yesterday he + I decided to make Q-tip Skeletons.
He drew his own skull with scary teeth.
Love this boy!


Stephanie said...

He's five? What a cutie!! You guys live in a treasure-filled place!

Ericka and Wes said...

Poor little guy! That cake looks good though. Your kiddos are getting so big, even since you left NY!! You guys are almost done!