Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow + Sunday Skype

This is where I live...
SERIOUSLY love it.
We got 2 ft of snow yesterday + I woke up to -15 degrees.

It's beyond beautiful + I'm truly loving every minute!

Bryan spent the weekend on call + thus, we never saw him.
I saw this cookie recipe on picky-palate and thought we should make them on Sunday. My kids have really wanting me to make them chocolate chip cookies!

Then I saw that Oreo cookie in the middle + instantly thought of my sister, Brooke (biggest Oreo lover I know) + wished she could come over so we could make them together. Immediately the idea popped into my head - what if we could make them together without even leaving our homes?

Thus, Sister Skype Sunday was born! {coined by Brooke}
My mom + Kenna came too...


Dad was honorary taste tester.

It was seriously so FUN + we're already planning for next week!
My cutest ever SIL Rachel was there too until she had to go, but she'll be there next week + we're making Chocolate cheesecake squares - can't wait.


[BrookeO] said...

SO MUCH FUN. The best really!!! Great idea and I too can't wait for next time!!!!!!!!

[BrookeO] said...

And that tree snow pic-frame it. Gorgeous!

510Jen said...

That first picture is Amazing! love the catch up and the new blog design. Clean and crisp--my favorite!

Jen said...

In the picture it looks like you have two people up on your skype. Are you able to video skype two people at once? how?

Jaime said...

Jen! HI! {Miss you!}
Yes! You can! Actually I think it said you can chat with up to 7, but I can only imagine how that would be...could you ever get a word in? We had 3 going at one point. You go to skype and sign up on their home page for multiple plan - there is a 28 day free trial!

Maegan said...

That is such a great idea... you guys are so cute!