Monday, June 20, 2011


The closing on our house in Washington happened today! It feels official, we are moving! We leave our home here in Aspen one month from today.

Naturally my thoughts have been full of retrospect lately as I make plans to move our family forward. Over the weekend my dad + I were talking about a book he is writing. It's about always striving to find the passion within you that moves + keeps you moving forward in every stage of life. I feel like we can connect on this sort of thing, I love to talk to him about how to live a life of purpose + direction. The thoughts I took away that certainly rattled in my brain the entire 8 hour drive home were a couple things...first and foremost before I am a mother, I am a Daughter of God. I believe that we are designed to find our highest potential, but we are also designed not to take the journey alone, but that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is always there to show us + help us find our true, best selves. My goals for myself this year are many. I feel a great need to improve + be the best me + mom I can possibly be. What are we here for if we're not constantly working on being better people?

I am so grateful for the gospel + my role of being a mother. I cannot imagine anything more fulfilling than both.

I wanted to write down my thoughts + remember how I've been feeling as we're closing a chapter of a road we've been on for quite sometime. Although as moms we'd like to do everything perfectly + sometimes it can be overwhelming, I'd like to think there are daily TEN things I can try to do everyday. If I can do MOST of these ten things, that would be a good day.

My 10 things are:
1)Prayers as family + individual
2)Take time each day to play with my kids
3)Time to reflect
4)Scripture study
5)Meals planned + get the family to pitch in and help!
6)Keep a clean + organized house.
7)Exercise - both my brain + body each day.
8)Quality time with Bryan.
9)Teach my children something new everyday.
10)Pursue interests + develop skills.

I feel like these are majorly broad + I can think of a million subtitles + thoughts to accompany what each of those mean to me, but for now I hope to keep this list close + keep working on it + growing.

A couple of weeks a go I took the younger two boys (older two were still in school) on a hike up to where the old silver mine used to be. The entire hike over looks over downtown Aspen. If I wasn't such a wimp with Easton on my back we would have made it to the top!


[BrookeO] said...

I love you!

Rachel said...

I love this post! Every night as I'm laying in bed I write my goals for the next day in the notes on my phone. These basically and constantly are the things I write down to accomplish. It's strange that we all strive for these basic things that are really not huge tasks but are sometimes difficult to do. It's really the little things that bring true happiness. Thanks for sharing this. Love u

And congrats on the new house and all the new exciting changes to come!!!! Yay!

Maegan said...

You're so cute!

Haley said...

Love this post Jaime. Completely agree. So excited to see your new, permanent adventure . . . WHAT!!! That is amazing!!!

Ericka and Wes said...

I love that! I just got home from church and ended my fast and this was just what I needed to hear! Like the 10 things I agree! Very excited for you...!