Saturday, July 16, 2011

graduation day.

Tonight we went to Bryan's Fellow farewell dinner.
It was at the same home we had the welcome dinner last year.
Absolute dream of a home belonging to Dr. Purnell.

They had 100ft tall Cottonwood trees that towered over their yard + were shedding like crazy! So much so you'd think it was snowing.
Looking at the river immediately 2 things enter my mind. Easton + panic.
Dr. Purnell assured me in the 21 years they'd lived there no child has ended up in the river. For some reason that really didn't make me feel any better. Has he met my child yet?

So cute how they had badmitten + horseshoes set up for the kids. The volleyball ended up in the river. Oh Easton!
The spread was amazing. Brody was totally crazy about the pig. He kept wondering and asking everyone how an apple got in his mouth. I dared him to kiss it and I would take a picture. Um, as you can see no picture.
Easton ate no less than F I V E ears of corn.
A couple of the docs he's worked with this year gave him a few things. The first picture was two diplomas. One was Diploma of Orthopedic Surgery of Sports Medicine + the other Arthroscopy. Tito (middle pic) mentioned how it's been years since he's seen a fellow marry the head + hands in surgery like Bryan has this year. The other thing they gave him was a sterling silver belt buckle engraved with his name made by a local silversmith. It has an aspen leaf on the front.
It was surely a nice way to end a great year. We feel so grateful to have spent our final year of training in such a beautiful place with awesome people who I'm sure we'll be back to visit + always remember!

Picked up the 20ft moving truck today.
So it begins...
Looking forward to Tuesday morning + our 18 hour drive north.


[BrookeO] said...

Wow! That is so awesome!!! Cause for a celebration for sure!!!! Seem surreal at all?! And Easton....he makes me laugh:)

Lacey said...

Oh! So happy for you to be done! What an accomplishment! Good luck with your exciting. I hope all goes well!

Mitchell Family said...

That is so great. We checked out your house and it's awesome. Dax got stung by a wasp or two in your backyard on the deck. Make sure you look at it and get it sprayed before your kids get stung. There were wasp nests all over. FYI. But LOVED your house. SO beautiful. You are going to love living there!

Kristal said...

On to the next adventure!! Yay!

Haley said...

Good times!! Have fun on that drive north. Congratulations to Bryan. That's a long road.

Norris Fam said...

So happy for you guys! Can you believe you survived the school journey?! Good luck with the move...